No doubt we are about to be your new favorite Pool Maintenance Tulsa. This being said, we also know that you may have some burning questions for us before you are fully committed to our awesome service. Have no fear because we will always be here to answer questions and service your pool. Check it out!


What are the hours of operation for Pelican Pool Maintenance?

We believe that no one should have to wait on quality service. This is why we are at your service 24 hours a day and 365 days a week. Everyone knows what it is like to have a problem that you are unable to fix yourself. This problem can become even worse if there is no one around to fix it! We know we stand out from the crowd because we always have someone available or on call to be able to fix your pool maintenance problems.


Where are you located?

We have several different locations and we are sure you can find a Pool Maintenance Tulsa service near you. Our locations are Tulsa, Bixby, Broken Arrow, and Owasso. We also have locations in Miami, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Find Pelican Pool Maintenance near you!


Does the size of my pool matter?

Of course, there are several different factors to consider during your pool maintenance experience. Luckily, you won’t have to sweat a thing. Our team will come in and assess the size of your pool to determine how big or small or repair is. Bigger pools obviously will have bigger equipment but we can assess the situation when we arrive.


How often do filters need to be replaced?

Because we only want the best for you, we recommend a filter replacement about every 3 months. One way to ensure this can happen regularly for you is to get involved with our monthly Pool Maintenance Tulsa plans. Never go too long without replacing your filter.


How do I know my chemicals are balanced?

Although this question is a great one, you do not have to worry about this. Our professionally trained team will determine on our first visit whether or not your pool’s chemicals are in balance. If they happen to not be, we will fix them and then maintain them. No worries here.


What kind of packages do you offer?

We offer a variety of packages for monthly Pool Maintenance Tulsa. The first package that we offer is our bronze package, which is the standard monthly maintenance package. This includes one cleaning and up to 2 repairs.
Our next package is our silver package which includes 2 cleanings, free filter replacement, and up to 2 repairs.

Our Gold package is the most popular and this will include, weekly cleanings, free filter replacements, chemical balancing, winterization, and up to 2 repairs a month.

If you just can not get enough of our services you can choose our platinum package. This is going to include unlimited cleanings, free filter replacements, chemical balancing, winterization, and unlimited repairs. Whatever package you end up choosing, you can leave the stress behind.

Why is my pool losing water?

There can be a number of reasons that your pool is losing water but we offer a free pool inspection to see if a leak could be the cause of your pool losing water. If this is the case, we can give you a quote upfront and then schedule your repair.


What can I do if my pool is green?

Water should be clear and blue and if it is not, you have a problem. We know that you installed a pool and not a pond so if your pool is green then have no fear because here at Pelican Pool Maintenance we have proven methods to clear up your yucky pool. Our turnaround time is about 48 hours. This can be expected in any green pool case.


Are my pumps in danger of freezing?

The answer to this question simply put is, yes. The long answer has several different factors that can contribute. If you are in a climate that freezes often then you will need to use our winterization service to make sure that no damage is done to your pool when the weather is cold. Cold weather can cause a number of issues like cracks in your pool that will lead to leaking and equipment freezing and breaking. If you are in a cold climate, winterize your pool and you can avoid these repairs that will be inevitable if not.


Do you service commercial pools as well?

Are you a public or commercial pool owner that needs a little help? If so, we proudly offer this service as well. Commercial pools need cleaning more often than personal pools so our services will be even more essential to your daily life. We can help out with the day-to-day maintenance of your commercial pool but we can also help with repairs.


How often does my pool need service?

Each and every pool is unique, just like you! This being said, we do not want to make a promise that we can not keep. One of our Pool Maintenance Tulsa technicians will come by for a free look at your pool and from there we can set a proper maintenance plan. Without this plan, we may not be able to accurately gauge the chemistry in your pool. No matter, our staff are experts in pool maintenance so we can answer all your service questions.


Is a saltwater or chlorine pool better?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What does this mean? It really is a personal preference when it comes to what type of pool you want to install. Of course, there are pros and cons to each but there is not anyone in the world that can say which one will be better for you and your lifestyle. The Pool Maintenance Tulsa will be different for each but this is nothing that we can not conquer. Let us handle your salt water or chlorine pool.