When it comes to services, choose the best Pool Maintenance Tulsa that you can find! We have it all at Pelican Pool Maintenance. Our goal is to always be your #1 choice and one-stop shop for all things pool maintenance. Structural issues in your pool? No problem for the experts here at Pelican Pool Maintenance. Our pool technicians have trained eyes ready to seek and find structural issues in your pool that we can fix right away. Do not have any structural issues but looking for a maintenance service? Take a look at our maintenance packages to see what kind of services will fit your lifestyle best. Our team of Pool Maintenance Tulsa specialists can balance chemicals, winterize your pool, acid wash the surface of your pool for a squeaky clean look and so much more. We are not only the best choice for your pool service specialist but also the most efficient, effective, and reliable. Our team is ready to take on your toughest repairs, maintenance issues, and green grime-filled gross pool situations.

Can’t get enough of Pelican Tulsa Pool Maintenance? Let’s break down each and every service that we offer and how you can capitalize on our package options!

First off we have pool-opening abilities. What does this mean exactly? We know that if you have a pool, you wait all year for the warmth to hit and the sun to shine at full capacity. This is going to signify the opening time for your beloved pool! Now begins the prep beforehand so that when the time is just right, you can cannonball into your pool. A basic opening checklist includes but is not limited to, installing ladders, lights, and other accessories. Draining and clearing debris to make sure your pool is clean and clear for opening day. Starting pumps, heaters, and other equipment that help your pool run smoothly all summer. We also brush and shock your pool to finish off the de-winterization process. Now, who wants to do all that? We think we know the answer, and that is why we want to take all the burden of opening up your pool for you! Schedule your consultation today and open your pool stress free and right on time.

Next service, we are going to talk about repairs. My pool is broken, now what? Call the Pool Maintenance Tulsa professionals. Not everyone is aware of the fact that there are several different things that can go wrong with your pool’s control systems such as the pumps, concrete, heaters, and filters. When your pool is not working properly, it can be a big headache and a giant party killer. When you have a pool all you want to do is enjoy it, right? That is why we come in like a superhero in a cape and fix all your repairs in a timely and effective manner. Part of our job includes searching out warranties for your pool equipment. We always double-check to uncover if your pool equipment is attached to any warranties. We not only want to save you time, but money as well. With your best interest in mind we will make sure that when repairing your pool, we keep an eye out for the best warranties.

Now let’s talk about what kind of cleaning the very best Pool Maintenance Tulsa company can offer you as our beloved client. We know that everyone would love their pool squeaky clean every day but do not have the time for all that. If you are that person, we want to tell you the good news that we have the answer for you. When you choose a package with Pelican Pool Maintenance, we make sure that your pool is properly maintained and clean throughout the entire pool season. Enjoy your pool without the stress of cleaning and maintenance. A pool is for you to enjoy, let us do the hard work.

Pelican Tulsa pool maintenance offers a chemical balancing service as well. Do you know your chemicals? Do you know how to balance them in your pool? If not, there is absolutely no problem. Our team of trained pool maintenance technicians can check the chemicals in your pool daily to make sure you are good to go anytime. When adding chemicals, you are going to need to consider several aspects. Luckily we can explain the process to you so that you can be more informed about your pool in the future. We will even send a report back to you after we have done our daily diligence in balancing your chemicals.

Part of our job as your Pool Maintenance Tulsa specialist is to think of things you may not currently know. We can recommend several different services and maintenance ideas so that you can properly enjoy your pool all summer long. Do you have any former knowledge about your pool equipment? If your answer is no then that is completely fine because we offer you a full informational session on the maintenance and functionality of your pool. This is going to be perfect for those brand-new pool owners. You are proud as a peach of your new addition to your backyard but now you have no idea how to maintain it or truly anything about it. This is why we offer this class to you so that you can be informed about your brand-new pool. We want no stress, only the best.

With all this new knowledge of our incredible offers, packages, and services, what will you do? Are you ready to thoroughly enjoy your summer, bask in the sun and slash around your pool? Now you can have all this for just a simple call to Pool Maintenance Tulsa. Need help choosing your package? No problem! We offer a completely free consultation to make sure we understand your goals and expectations surrounding your maintenance service. From here, we can help you choose your maintenance package for ultimate happiness as a pool owner! Do not miss out on our incredible deals. Make the call today!